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Board Of Commissioners

The Lincoln Park District Board of Commissioners consists of five individuals who are elected by the community to represent the community’s best interests. The charge of the Board is to set policies that will guide the Park District. Board members serve a four-year term and receive no compensation for the time they give. They come from a variety of backgrounds but share one important trait, a commitment to serving the park and recreational needs of the community.

Jayne Weaver, President-
Don Peasley, Vice President-
Laura Duffer, Treasurer-
Dave Perring, Commissioner -
Gary Nodine, Commissioner -

2015 Board Meeting Dates
All meeting times are at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held in the Board room of the Administration Building at 1400 Railer Way.

Date Agenda Minutes
January 14, 2015 January Agenda January MinutesJanuary Minutes
February 11, 2015 February AgendaFebruary Agenda February MinutesFebruary Minutes
March 11, 2015 March AgendaMarch Agenda March MinutesMarch Minutes
April 8, 2015 April Agenda April MinutesApril Minutes
May 13, 2015 May AgendaMay Agenda May MinutesMay Minutes
June 10, 2015 June AgendaJune Agenda

June Minutes

June Minutes
July 8, 2015 July AgendaJuly Agenda July MinutesJuly Minutes
August 12, 2015 August AgendaAugust Agenda August MinutesAugust Minutes
August 18, 2015 (Special) August Agenda (Special)August Agenda August Minutes
September 9, 2015 September Agenda September MinutesSeptember Minutes
October 14, 2015 October AgendaOctober Agenda October Minutes
November 11, 2015 November AgendaNovember Agenda
December 9, 2015 December Agenda

2014 Board Meeting Archive

Special Meeting Notice - February 27th, 2014

Date Agenda Minutes
January 8, 2014 January Agenda January Minutes
February 12, 2014 February Agenda February Minutes
March 12, 2014 March Agenda March Minutes
April 9, 2014 April Minutes
May 14, 2014 May Agenda May Minutes
June 11, 2014 June Agenda June Minutes
July 9, 2014 July Agenda July Minutes
August 13, 2014 August Agenda August Minutes
September 10, 2014 September Agenda September Minutes
October 8, 2014 October Agenda October Minutes
November 12, 2014 November Agenda
December 10, 2014 December Agenda December Minutes

Park Commissioner Election Information
View/Download Pre-Filing Notice

Park Commissioner Contact Information
To contact the board members please feel free to email them directly via the address listed at the top of the page next to their names.