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Adult Sports

Co-Rec Volleyball

Co-Rec volleyball is limited to the first 6 teams to sign up and each team is limited to no more than 14 players (including team captains/representatives). Players can either sign up as part of a team (minimum 6 players), or can sign up individually and will be assigned to a team. Registration beings 11/30 at 8:00am and ends 12/30 at 11:00am. Season runs from January 10th through March 14th (10 consecutive weeks on Tuesday nights plus one single elimination tournament on Tuesday, March 21st for the top 4 seeds).

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Pickleball is a simple paddle game, played with a special perforated, plastic, slow moving ball over a tennis type net on a Badminton sized court. A game is one by the first team which scores 11 points, but must continue until one team achieves a two point margin.

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